Upcoming NFT cards

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What are the best spots to find upcoming NFT cards? This guide comes with good alternatives for sports fans as well as blockchain games fanatics.

There’s just no limit in use cases as to what’s counts as an NFT, moreover, it’s safe to say anything can be an NFT. At the time of writing, NFT cards or digital collectibles have reached a mainstream audience and can be traded on a global scale.

Particularly, sports cards NFTs, which can include digital trading cards, signed sports memorabilia, or video clips, continue to grow in popularity as well. If you are a sports fan or like to play trading card games on the blockchain. Then you have come to the right place!

Best Places to find Upcoming NFT Cards

  • Opensea(The biggest NFT marketplace in the world)
  • NBA Top Shot(NBA-licensed marketplace featuring NFTs )
  • Sorare Marketplace(Fantasy soccer marketplace featuring player trading cards)
  • Candy Marketplace(NFT marketplace specialized in baseball cards)
  • Topps(NFT marketplace mainly targeted at soccer and baseball cards)
  • Panini America(They recently launched a blockchain-based marketplace for trading all kinds of sports NFT cards)
  • Axie Infinity(Blockchain game that uses NFT cards)
  • Gods Unchained(NFT game that uses different NFT card packs)
  • Splinterlands(NFT based game that uses different card packs)
  • Dark Country Game(Trading card game that uses the WAX blockchain)

How to pick the Best Upcoming NFT Cards

Picking the most promising NFT cards at the right time and backed by a growing community can make you ‘life-changing‘ money these days. Moreover, early-bird NFT traders use social media platforms like Twitter to the find best NFT Discord servers. Specifically, in order to research NFT projects or get whitelisted for the pre-sale.

On the other hand, if you don’t have time to do all the research and join NFT promotion activities. Additionally, there are other less time-consuming ways to find places for future NFT cards. In general, to succeed in getting promising NFT cards, you can do this at the several NFT marketplaces out there. Good examples of people who go there are NFT traders that have accumulated a lot of crypto in the past.

Remember that NFTs are backed by blockchain technology and therefore can be bought with cryptocurrencies like ETH. Of course, there are exceptions and it’s also possible to buy NFTs with US dollars. However, the most popular NFT cards are on the blockchain and you need cryptocurrencies to buy them.

NFT cards and blockchain
NFT cards and blockchain

In-game NFT cards

Besides NFT marketplaces, you can also start playing NFT games and collect NFT cards that can be used as in-game collector’s items. In fact, the big difference with regular NFT cards is that these in-game NFTs have extra utility. For example, the popular F1 Delta Time racing game uses NFT cards in the form of racing cars that can be bought in-game. Additionally, these cards have specific characteristics like brand or type of engine and can be used to join racing tracks.

All in all, whether you decide to collect regular NFT cards or decide to join NFT games, NFT cards bought at the right time and with some luck could make them go up in value over time.

The 10 Best places to find Upcoming NFT Cards

Below is the collection of places you can go to find the next NFT cards that can go viral. Similarly, the platforms described below are selected after thorough research.


OpenSea is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying, selling, and trading any kind of NFT. Although it’s not specialized to sports card-related NFTs, they can be traded on the platform. Moreover, OpenSea is the most popular NFT trading platform in the world.

In particular, with unique assets traded and stored on the blockchain, classic games are taking on a new life. Decentralized networks mean players and collectors can now trade in-game items on third-party platforms and marketplaces, fundamentally changing the way online ownership is perceived in the digital era.

In addition, to find Sports NFTs you can use the menu item ‘Sports‘ and on top of that use the menu item ‘Trading Cards‘ to find upcoming collections.

Finally, in order to use the OpenSea marketplace, you’ll need a digital wallet that will be linked with your account. Ethereum is the default cryptocurrency used on OpenSea.

NBA Top Shot

Another famous platform for collecting sports NFTs is NBA Top Shot. NBA Top Shot is a popular digital asset platform, which runs on the Flow blockchain, that sells officially licensed NBA NFTs, called ‘moments’. Buying sports NFT cards gives you two options.

The first one is buying NFT packs that are a random collection of ‘moments’. The next option is the marketplace where you can buy the sport NFTs from other traders. At the time of writing, all NFTs on the platform can be bought in US dollars.


In the fantasy football game Sorare, players collect and trade digital trading cards that represent real players. Sorare is at the intersection of sports, gaming, and NFTs. Through tradable digital cards, Sorare is designing a collective fantasy football experience. An experience where you can manage your favorite players, hone your passion to earn prizes, and be part of a community.

Moreover, to find upcoming NFT cards of new talented players you can use their in-game auctions marketplace or you can use Opensea as well.

Finally, for playing the game you need a crypto wallet like Metamask and ETH cryptocurrency for making transactions.

Candy MLB

In the digital collector’s marketplace Candy MLB, fans and collectors can trade Baseball cards that are officially licensed NFTs. In addition, it will allow users to buy and sell previously released officially licensed Major League Baseball NFTs. Indeed, Candy MLB will be the first baseball platform in the USA that introduces the concept of digital assets(NFTs) to a broader audience.

For finding interesting upcoming NFT cards, it’s very wise to start following their Twitter account @CandyDigital for new releases or Baseball decks. Besides, it is good to know that NFT card packs can be bought with US dollars or credit cards.


Topps is a big name in the sports card manufacturing space and has also moved into the digital collectibles market. The platform has a store to buy ‘packs’ of the digital assets, and a marketplace where collectors can buy and sell to each other. However, transactions are done using the US Dollar.

In general, NFT sports collectors can buy Soccer and Baseball NFTs here but the selection of different sports NFTs is more limited. On top of that, to handle all transactions the platform runs on the Avalanche blockchain, which is compatible with Ethereum.

For the latest collectibles, releases, upcoming NFT cards, airdrops, giveaways, and many more it’s very smart to follow their Twitter @ToppsNFTs here.

Panini America

Panini is obviously already a well-known and popular sports card manufacturer. They’ve now also moved into the digital era with their blockchain store which offers ‘the highest degree of legitimacy for a digital collectible and proof of ownership.

Panini’s blockchain store has something for most sports card collectors, with collectibles available for Soccer, Football, Baseball, UFC, Hockey, and more. Finally, to buy and sell Sport NFT packs you can do this without using a crypto wallet and use a US dollar account instead.

In general, to find new NFT cards you can join ‘Challenges‘ that are NFT packed in pre-sale. Also, you can find new ‘Featured blockchain cards‘ that will come live soon.

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity has been one of the most famous upcoming play-to-earn games of 2021. Especially during the pandemic people from the Filipinnes and Vietnam found a way to earn additional money. What is Axie Infinity all about?

Axie Infinity, a crypto game by Vietnamese developer and published, Sky Mavis was launched in 2018. The game is based on non-fungible tokens – NFTs – and enjoys an active community. The game runs on the Ethereum and Ronin blockchains and operates a play-to-earn model.

The gameplay is very similar to Pokemon games. You have to catch creatures named ‘Axies’, train them, and fight other players. In fact, Axies are in-game NFT trading cards and can be bought on the Axie Infinity marketplace. Additionally, there are hundreds of Axie Infinity cards and for a beginner, it can be quite overwhelming. As you can see these cards can be traded and have the possibility to go up in value.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is another popular trading card game in the blockchain universe. Also, It runs on Ethereum and Immutable X networks. Particularly, Gods Unchained is a fantasy-themed and turn-based cards game. In other words, you have to play it very tactically and build trading cards decks to make progress in the game.

By playing the game, you can earn common core cards. Those cards can’t be traded on the marketplace as they are freely given. At this point, they are not minted on the blockchain. It’s possible to increase the value of these common cards, by earning ‘flux‘, a resource gained by winning the ranked games.

Gods Unchained has a process called The Forge. At this point, players who have earned enough flux can merge two identical core cards into one by spending flux. This process creates higher-quality cards, and since the forged cards are minted on the blockchain, they can be sold on the blockchain, sometimes for a hefty profit.


First of all, Splinterlands game runs on the Hive blockchain which is a bit unknown network in crypto. Even though the game is very popular and you can test it for free to become familiar with it. However, to start playing for real you need to buy a starter set of cards for $10. Also, to find upcoming NFT cards you can use the in-game marketplace for it and start buying NFT packs. Of course, it’s also possible to buy or sell from individuals in the marketplace.

One of the highlights of Splinterlands is its cross-compatibility with multiple blockchains, enabling users to trade their cards on several marketplaces. In addition to selling your cards, you can earn in Splinterlands by getting its in-game currency DEC (Dark Energy Crystals). There are a couple of ways to acquire DEC in the game. First, by winning ranked battles, and second by destroying the cards you don’t use anymore. You can use DEC to buy assets from the game’s shop.

Dark Country Game

Dark Country is a trading card game on the WAX blockchain with gothic-themed characters like zombies, ghosts, and haunted Indians. In addition to NFT cards, players can own heroes, items, and lands as NFT assets. Moreover, besides trading cards or collecting digital assets you can also earn passive income by staking these in-game assets.

Similar to other trading card games Dark Country has a weekly forging activity called Heroes Reforge and Staking. Players need to burn four heroes of the same type in order to receive a new hero with better quality. They can then stake this improved asset to earn rewards.

Moreover, Dark Country has recently introduced land NFT assets compatible with WAX and Flow blockchains. With land assets, several new revenue generation options will be possible, such as land leasing and staking the platform’s in-game currency Shadow Dime (SDM) on lands.

Final Words

As you can see, there are numerous ways to acquire new NFT trading cards. Furthermore, NFTs in combination with cryptocurrencies and blockchain games is a rising industry. Meaning, the demand for upcoming NFT trading cards will remain and even expand in the near future.

Finally, this guide will help you in finding the best platform for NFT trading cards. Whether you are a sports fan, a blockchain game fan, or an NFT collectibles trader.

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