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In the fantasy football game Sorare, players collect and trade digital trading cards that represent real players. All these cards are also NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. This guide comes with a full explanation.

Founded in 2018, Sorare was created by football fans for football fans. The platform had a card sales volume of over $250M (€220M) since January 2021 across 170 countries. Based in Paris, Sorare is funded by a world-class team including Benchmark, Accel Partners, Headline, footballers Gerard Piqué, Antoine Griezmann, and Rio Ferdinand.

Particularly, Sorare is at the intersection of sports, gaming, and NFTs. Through tradable digital cards, Sorare is designing a collective fantasy football experience. An experience where you can manage your favorite players, hone your passion to earn prizes, and be part of a community. Anyone, anywhere, can connect with the game on Sorare.

The company’s mission is to build ‘the game within the game’ and to give fans, players, and clubs the platform to celebrate, share and own the game.

In this guide, we are going to explain the idea behind the game, how it works, and what future Sorara has as an NFT platform. So, let’s kick off here 😉

What is NFT or Non-fungible tokens?

NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens. These non-fungible tokens are different from other cryptocurrencies or crypto tokens in the market that are also based upon blockchain technology. The main difference is related to the fact that these are tokens that are unique. That means that there are no two tokens that are the same.

Nowadays, when we handle Bitcoin, each BTC looks the same. The same happens with a $10 US dollar bill. They all look the same. Instead, NFTs are unique and there are no copies of the same NFT in the market.

Why are NFTs making Sorare special?

When you play Sorare and start collecting players’ cards or NFTs you #OwnYourGame with it 😀. Owning your game with NFTs is based upon the following concepts:

  • True ownership – blockchain technology makes your cards scare which gives your cards superpowers
  • Usability – the NFTs gives you the right to play tournaments, scout new players or build a team competing against players all over the world
  • Portability – the cards are on the blockchain which gives you the possibility to trade or use in other games like Ubisoft joining the party

What is the idea Behind the Game?

As explained above, all trading cards represent NFTs that are stored on a blockchain. In other words, you can buy players as cards(NFTs) with cryptocurrency(ETH) on the marketplace. To do this, you can use Metamask or Moonpay for it.

In fact, Sorare just managed to integrate Moonpay into its platform which makes it easier to buy NFTs with real money. On the other hand, if you already own some ETH it’s still very easy to use Metamask and connect to the platform.

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Basically, getting forward in the game depends on the real-world performance of your players on the pitch. Meaning, if the players representing your team win in real life, you as a manager of the team win as well. Your job is to collect the players that are in the winning teams.

Sorare Explained: How does the Game work?

In order to play the game, you have to create a team first. In addition, if you did signup and enter the game for the first time, you will receive common card packs. This is all part of the onboarding process and is a smooth exercise. The steps to start playing the game is as follows:

  1. Select a name for the club and a username
  2. Choose the league, first timers can only access Common Casual League
  3. From the given card deck, choose 5 players for the relevant position(see image below)
    Sorare game: Team Lineup
  4. Make sure you set the team captain(Yellow C)
  5. Once done. Submit your team and you are ready to play the game!

Sorare Leagues and Divisions Explained

This guide also gives a clearer insight into the options you have as a team manager. Sorare is a fantasy sports game and allows the player/manager to draft favorite players, select a lineup and earn points. Moreover, the points are gained based upon the actions of their chosen team. However, what options do you have and what leagues to choose?

Overall, the Sorare game is divided into Leagues and Divisions. Additionally, leagues are divided into global and regional structures and depend on your local situation. On top of that, every single league is defined by scarcity(common, limited, rare, super rare, and unique).

Sorare Competitions Table

Competition:CommonLimitedRareSuper RareUnique
✔️Requirement(cards):5 common5 limited 4 rare1 rare3 unique
1 common3 super rare2 super rare
Cards are required to join each competition. The more rare your cards, the higher your level and the better competition you can play

It is important to know that you can join a competition based on your regional situation. For example, if you live in England it’s probably more interesting to join the Premiership. Also, if you are living in the United States your favorite team might be in the MLS. In short, the possible regional structures:

  • Champion Europe: Competition contains 5 Divisions. Entry is limited to players representing teams in the top 5 European football leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga & Ligue 1.
  • Challenger Europe: Entry is limited to players representing teams from clubs covered outside the top 5 European leagues: Portuguese Liga, Russian Premier League, Eredivisie, Belgium Pro League, Scottish Premiership, Turkish SuperLig, Danish Superliga & English Championship.
  • Champion America: Entry is limited to players representing teams in the American leagues: MLS, Superliga Argentina, Liga MX, Colombian Primera A, Brasileiro Serie A & Peruvian Primera División
  • Champion Asia: Entry is limited to players representing teams in the Asian leagues which are: J.League, K League & Chinese Super League.

Finally, the game enables players from around the world to compete against each other for rare Sorare NFT trading cards and crypto prizes. Plus, the Soare Tournament rules enable managers to plan according to real-world football calendars.

Team Lineup

Each team allowed to go on the pitch consists of at least 5 trading cards. Moreover, the strength of the team depends upon the sum of each individual card that is divided into ranking and rarity. Consequently, to start a new match you have to have to do this lineup first. Every player has the following options:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Defender
  • Midfielder
  • Forward
  • Captain(Outfielder)

Altogether, the card and the footballer determine which roles they can take. Apart from that, the cards also contain some basic features about the respective players.

Rarity of the Cards

As explained earlier, every player/card has its uniqueness or rarity score. Moreover, to make progress when playing this game it’s important to collect very ‘rare‘ cards. In other words, the rarer the cards, the more valuable they are and the better they affect the chances of winning.

Example of Sorare player card
A ‘Common’ rare player card

Particularly, there can be several cards of a footballer with a different rarity. A so-called ‘Common Cristiano Ronaldo‘ is worth much less than a ‘Unique Ronaldo‘, even if it is the same professional athlete.

Play to Earn ETH cryptocurrency

Given the fact that Sorare is a fantasy football game using blockchain technology you as a manager can earn cryptocurrency with it. By collecting the rarer cards your team can make progress and eventually promote to the higher leagues in the game.

For example, if your team manages to enter the top of the leaderboard you as a manager can win some additional ETH cryptocurrency. Also, besides the performance of the team, the individual scores of the cards count as well. Individual cards score prizes are mostly from 0.25 ETH to 0.01 ETH for the lower ranks cards.

🎁Earn Free Trading Card!
Interested in earning ETH by playing the game? Sign up here and you win one free card if you collect 5 cards.

Collect & Trade Sorare NFTs

With over 200 clubs supporting Sorare non-fungible tokens (NFTs), users have a wide choice of crypto-collectibles to choose from. With clubs including FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, and AC Milan, Sorare users can view the clubs available and the leagues the platform covers, both current and historical. 

Each season the platform generates 1,111 Sorare NFTs, split into four categories. These are ‘Limited’ (1000 per season), ‘Rare’ (100 per season), ‘Super Rare’ (10 per season), and ‘Unique’ (1 per season). Additionally, the Sorare crypto game introduces new limited edition NFTs throughout the year, alongside season cards. These include the National Team cards and Champion Edition cards.

Management, Strategies & Scouting 

Within the Sorare game, there is a marketplace that enables players to trade cards with each other directly. Also, players can create strategies and select lineups according to the performances of their players.

Dynamic Rewards System Explained

Each week, you can earn prizes by showing off the progress of your team. Additionally, the dynamic reward system takes into account the number of games a club plays within a given Game Week. The prize pool for each Game Week is determined in part by the number of affiliated clubs with fixtures within a given timeframe. It’s a dynamic system and a more competitive Game Week provides more rewards than quieter weeks.

Also, players of the game can put their skills to the test by competing against other managers. Because the ‘game within the game‘ works much like the story mode of other popular football games. This gameplay method enables managers to work their way up the divisions starting out as a small club.

Finally, the volume of rewards correlates directly with the number of teams active on the platform. As new teams sign up to compete, the amount of rewards rises automatically, enabling the game to scale sustainably.

Is Sorare Gambling?

Can trading player cards be considered gambling? Or does the Sorare platform have a legit gambling license? Both questions can be answered the same: which is no.

In fact, the UK Gambling Commission has put the game under scrutiny as there is no regulation involved. Also, when players are using the platform to trade and deposit money, the project raises questions around definitions of gambling.

As an official response, the Sorare team stated to this that there is ‘no randomized mechanism‘ on how players purchase the cards. Also, they stated that ‘fantasy soccer games don’t have a fixed-odds outcome. Player prizes are allocated by Sorare and not a betting pool placed by the users and players.

The risk of trading NFT cards

As with any trading and investment, there is a risk of financial loss when buying non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of any kind. Although NFTs have reached several headlines in recent months, the widespread adoption of NFTs poses a potential risk to a broad demographic of new users. 

There are several schools of thought around this subject. One could argue that using 10x leverage on a trending meme coin like Safemoon is gambling. Equally, one could argue that dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into a balanced portfolio of varied assets is still a gamble of sorts.

Similarly, the Sorare NFT game enables speculators to purchase , NFT sports cards that are valued on the performance of a football player. This may expose a new uneducated audience to the risk of financial loss.

Despite regulatory uncertainty, the platform is seeing great popularity among football fans and fantasy league players. With all things considered, remember it is always important to do your own research (DYOR) before making any investment. 

Ultimate Guide of Sorare: Summary

Football is the most widely-watched sport globally. By forming partnerships with some of the biggest names in football, Sorare is positioned to be at the forefront of modern play to earn games. Furthermore, the platform is introducing blockchain and cryptocurrency to a broad and diverse demographic.

All in all, this guide gives you a clearer view of the growing play to earn gaming industry. Also, you should now have a better idea of how to play the game and how NFTs play an important role in this.


At the time of writing, you have two options: deposit crypto(ETH) or deposit money from your bank. If you already have ETH in your Metamask wallet you can easily connect and fund your account. Recently, the platform integrated with a third party(Moonpay) to make it possible to fund the account with money as well.

Sure, you can still play the game without depositing crypto or money into the wallet.Playing Sorare without money only gives you access to the ‘Common’ leagues in the game. In other words, it’s a free game only you can decide to level-up.

Sorare is launched based on the play-to-earn principle. Of course, if you have a large bag of crypto/money you can buy yourself in the highest league. However, because the game is NFT based and uses blockchain technology, Sorare has no central control. In other words, no central regulation of NFTs which will be on the blockchain forever.

Sorare is a French company founded by two owners: Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort. Adrien graduated in Telecommunications Engineering is a former Software Architect. Nicolas graduated with an Msc in Management and worked as a start-up accelerator before launching Sorare.

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