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How To Make A Profitable Bitcoin WordPress Site?

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In this article the basic necessary steps needed for setting up a Bitcoin website powered by WordPress.

Before talking about bitcoin, let us take a moment to talk about money. What is money exactly? Money is described as the value of something. If someone does work, he gets paid for that work in the form of cash. Money can be in the form of coins and banknotes.

The world is becoming advanced now. Technology is growing faster than our thoughts. A new term was introduced to the world named “bitcoin.” It was introduced in 2009 when a guy named Satoshi Nakamoto published a document online. In this document, he proposed the idea of bitcoin, and he called it electronic cash or digital money. The concept of bitcoin is such big news to the world because of its capability. Bitcoin is decentralized, which means the person who is owning it has full control. There are no middlemen while doing transactions through bitcoins. It is programmable and open to all, which means everyone has access to it.

No middleman on Bitcoin website

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Steps for setting up a Bitcoin enabled site with WordPress

In general, when someone is working in any business, his main goal is to make it profitable. Additionally, by using a tool like WordPress to make a good bitcoin site, there are some points discussed below.


Before creating a website, you need a host for it. While making a website on WordPress, it asks you to select a theme, and add functions, but firstly it needs to be hosted. WordPress itself is recommended a viral site named as “Siteground”. In my opinion, Siteground is the most professional website that allows you web hosting for a cheap price. It automatically updates the versions of WordPress. It is user-friendly with safe data transmission. So to summarize, to make a good bitcoin WordPress site, you need to find a host for it first.

Naming your site

Another critical point while creating a website is naming it. A website name should be unique. You may choose a name that may sound unfamiliar to the users to attract them. You can use your name as your site’s name or any other as per your likeness. Then you can start creating your site.

Use good quality content

Content is the essential unit of your website. People will click on your websites only if you are providing good quality content. To make your website more profitable, you must provide the information for people who are looking. The knowledge you are providing must be crystal clear. So, it’s better to use the right words for your website.

Select attractive themes

To create a good WordPress site, you need to select a theme very precisely. So, what is a theme all about? In WordPress, a theme is a style template that you can choose out of a big collection in order to set up the overall design of the website.

Selecting themes in WordPress
Theme directory in WordPress

As explained above, there are different themes in WordPress, and you can randomly select them. You can also set a website, and then you can edit it how you want. You can add text, remove it, add pictures, remove them, and any other task you want to do.

Responsive designes

While creating a site, your primary concern must be the experience you are providing to your costumers. Providing a good experience is never busy, but just by doing smart work, you can do it very quickly. People will come to your site if they find the same thing they are searching for. It may be a logo, a design, an article, a product, a service, or anything they will be needing. Since we are talking about a good bitcoin WordPress site, therefore our concern is to make responsive designs accordingly and available on different device types.

If you are looking for tips in setting up a blog about Bitcoin, read this guide which explains all necessary steps in detail.

Affiliate marketing

While creating your site, one crucial point is that you need to affiliate it by recommending different products from different websites. It will help you to grow your website very quickly. It will spread your website, and more people will engage themselves with it. You can set a commission for it too. And for better use, you can use bitcoins for the transfer of money. Promoting your website by promoting others is always a smart idea.


All in all, these are the steps through which we can not only develop our site but can also make it worthwhile. By following these steps, we can attract people to our site. More people will engage themselves, and more it will be profitable. Bitcoin is itself a vast platform to make a site profitable. So, we can go for it.

Disclosure: This post could contain affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you any more but it does help me to continue publishing cool and actual content about Bitcoin & Crypto – Thank you for your support!

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